Money Back Guarantee

We Will Refund Your Money if You’re Not Satisfied


It is good to beware! of companies that do not have a clear line of money guarantee refund policy. At, we have a clear laid out policy on money back guarantee, which offers the customer the right to request for a refund at any point of the ordering process if anything goes wrong. This may include problem encountered as this secures the interest of the customer. The rate of customers’ satisfaction at our company is one of the highest. Moreover, rates of refund are quite rare partially as a result of our clear policy on money guarantee. Refund request on quality undergo a scrutiny by our specialists and are then processed within a period of 14 days, while other refund requests undergo a processing of 3-4 days of business.


If you would want to cancel an order before it having been assigned to a writer, we guarantee on 100% refund on your money. If the writer has already been assigned, then the amount refunded will depend on the order’s deadline. If at most half of the time has elapsed, you can claim up to 70%, and if more than half the orders time is spend you claim 50% of the money. This is because since the cancellation is done by you and the writer had already started working on the order, he/she will have to be compensated for the work already done.


It is of important to note that no refund will be made if you cancel the order when the order delivery time has elapse. However, if the refund claim is due to quality concerns, this will be considered. We also note that there are circumstances that are beyond your control, and in this case if you decide to cancel the order, a partial refund of up to 30% may be considered, as long as you had not downloaded the order.


If you paid for an order twice, and as such you received two receipts from the system of the payment process, contact us immediately and forward the two receipts to our email at The refund will be done in the shortest time possible.


If you accidentally pay for two similar orders, let us know immediately. It is your responsibility to cancel any order which is not wanted by you before the two orders are assigned to our writers. Otherwise these two will be treated as regular orders and, therefore, the standard refund procedures as mentioned above will apply.


We always do whatever possible to ensure that all orders are worked on by professionals without compromising on quality. If a rare case occurs where a suitable writer is not found, a full refund will given to you.


Any request for a refund based on the above circumstances should be done in writing and send to us through the email of our company. has the right to approve or disapprove your refund request on a case to case consideration as per our agreement.

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